Successful Project Practices

We believe that we are only as good as our last project. Our business succeeds or fails based on the satisfaction of our clients. We never sit back and think we have it all worked out. In an industry that has changed greatly over the last few decades, we are constantly working to find new and improved ways to overcome challenges.

With that in mind, we developed Metrum’s Successful Project Practices. This is an approach that combines flexibility and hands-on involvement; focuses on value-added outcomes, direct communication, effective decision-making and problem-solving; careful team creation, and in-depth knowledge and understanding of our clients’ requirements. The end result is a process that helps us to understand and meet our clients’ needs from start to finish.


Upfront planning provides a vital understanding of the clients’ project requirements, the foundation required for a comprehensive client brief and a cohesive view of the development outcome.

Unlike many of our industry peers, Metrum has a dedicated in-house planning department that focuses on programming, scheduling and on-site updating, working from the Baseline Technical Document as a basis. This comprehensive Baseline Technical Document – which details project requirements and costs – is approved and signed off by the client prior to construction commencement.


While the quality of the work itself remains the responsibility of the contractor, we insist that our project consultants remain actively involved in the construction process from commencement to completion of a project. Regular inspections and quality assessments are carried out, ensuring timeous resolution of any issues that may arise. This quality process includes sourcing samples and creating mock-ups for the clients’ approval.

Programme of works

Metrum is actively involved in the construction programme of works. The contract programme includes a comprehensive project description and the correct definition of a ‘completed project’, averting the clients’ risk of inheriting a building that is not substantially complete or suitable for occupation. We ensure the inclusion of an adequate amount of float to allow for inclement weather and unforeseen delays, as well as dates for sufficient time to snag and prepare lists for practical completion. We recommend a certain amount of additional float to mitigate any unexpected delays and to ensure that these do not impact on the final handover date.


Successful delivery of highly technical projects requires adequate and successful commissioning. This is fundamental in order to achieve the project handover date. Metrum ensures that the contractor supplies suitable mechanical, electrical, plumbing and electronic services consultants to manage, coordinate, install and commission the technical systems.